Advice in Purchasing the Right Server

Upgrading your computer system from PC to using a server? Indeed, it is a good idea especially if you have a small business to grow. However, is it really a good idea to purchase a server for your business? Remember, if you have more than one computer and employee to work on some files and documents, then you really need to have a server. Consequently, what are the things you need to know before you purchase a server and what are the benefits you can get?

Bear in mind, a PC can also be termed as a server as long as it meets your requirements in storing large files, sending multiple emails and in providing security to you files and your internet connection and even in facilitating some applications that you use for your business. However, a true server can do more than these since it’s a centralized computer processing system that can link other computers in doing such tasks such as file storage, data security and other computer optimization applications. Hence, a server is more reliable than a regular computer. So if you want to buy one, you can shop for an hp server price before you install one.

Now, there are certain options you need to take note of before you buy a server. First is to know what kind of operating system you would want for your server. If you are a Windows user then choose Windows OS but if you are a Mac user, you can choose this operating system for your server.

Besides this, you also need to know your requirements. One of the requirements you need to think of is the type of server you need. There are actually different types of servers and some of these are file servers, email servers or workspace servers. But if you want, you can choose a server that can do all these tasks. Well a single server with all of the applications installed is the best advice in purchasing one. But on one hand, if you only need a storage server, you can still opt for this especially if you don’t need the other types of servers which would cost you more.

Aside from this, you can also choose the type of form of a server. Generally, there are three types and you can choose from a tower, blade or rack server. Tower servers are the best buy for some customers. It stands upright and includes everything from the hardware, CD/DVD ROM’s, motherboards and etc. while the rack and blade towers have additional features which you would also want but it is best that you choose the tower server especially if you only have a small business to run.

Regarding the price of servers, it varies so if you want to look for hp server price, you can always go online and check the price listed. Well, there are different brands in the server marketplace and some of these are IBM, Hp, Oracle, Lenovo and even Microsoft. Whichever brand you choose, make sure that the price reaches your budget. As an advice, you don’t need to settle for a cheap server, you can also spend more as long as the features you require are included. So take note of this information and buy the right server for your own business endeavors.


How to Land a Job as a Software Developer?

Nowadays, the old careers and courses in college have been slowly superseded in popularity by the new courses such as computer programming, computer science, and computer engineering. Often we can’t help but ask: “What will happen to the well-established courses of Humanities such as history, anthropology, Cultural Studies, Philosophy, and other related studies when almost all the kids nowadays seem to be hooked up and professing their love for the mobile application development and other related studies?” “Are these studies becoming outmoded, and as a consequence, would we be seeing then almost empty classrooms for these studies?” I guess these studies have already weathered the test of time and surely there will still be students taking them. However, we will surely see a significant reduction in the enrollment for these courses. Yet, I don’t want to be nostalgic of the impending unpopularity of these courses. Instead, I wish to delineate the attitudes and characteristics one should have to be able to land a job in the software development market.

Is there Any Way I could Land a Job in the App Development Market?

With the millions of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Computer Programming graduates around the world, one is left wondering whether one can find one’s niche in the lucrative and good-paying jobs of app development market. Do I have to be a programming prodigy or an ingenious app developer to get a good job in this field? Say for instance, I live in London, is there any way I could be one of the best app developers uk has ever have? I guess you could be, considering the fact that the market is not yet saturated, and provided you follow these pieces of advice from some well-respected pundits.

Advices of Leslie Stevens-Huffman—a Popular Business and Career Author

Leslie Stevens-Huffman, a frequently sought-after writer and author, has something to say for the aspiring app developers. In one of her interviews on DiceOutLoud Channel, she gave us three basic points on how to land a job in the mobile app development field.

First, she said, “you should immerse yourself in the technology, and gets some hands-on experience. You can do this by immersing yourself into the developers’ technology or by joining the developers’ community.” Leslie also added that you should “show passionate love and commitment for the technology during your job interview.” You can land a job as software developer if you will “show excitement during the job interview, and have a lot of good examples to tell, and use some adjectives and vignettes to describe your previous experience on software development, which in turn, will definitely show your passion and love for this kind of work,” Leslie added. Most employers will usually take a chance on someone who—despite not having previous experiences to boast of—shows passion for the job. When applying for a job, you are competing with other applicants for a very limited job pool. You should therefore “market yourself strategically, and pick the right opportunities along the way,” she said. Taking a strategic approach also means increasing your contact, and taking extra time in creating a good image and profile of yourself.

Why You Urgently Need To Mobile Optimize Your Site

If you have not seen any need to add a mobile site into your site or optimize your existing site for mobile viewing, you seriously ought to do that. In fact you are late. Mobile devices are becoming more sophisticated, and many people are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. If the current trend is anything to go by, expect more people to access your site from their mobile devices than from their desktop or laptop computers. This is enough to tell you that you should start searching for a – web design Auckland, as soon as possible, before it is too late. Yes, that is what being in a digital world means; it means being alert to changes, and embracing them; otherwise, you might be shoved aside.

Many people erroneously think that just because they can access their site through their smart phones then their sites are mobile sites. Wrong! It doesn’t mean that if your site is not mobile optimized then you cannot find it through the mobile device. What a mobile site means is that the site was created specifically for mobile viewing to make it easier for those accessing it through mobile devices. Mobile site designs are quite different from computer sites. If you get in touch with your mobile web developer, he can show you different types of mobile web designs.

If you think you can get away without a mobile site, you have not heard that 70% of customers who buy their products usually do so through their mobile phones. You probably haven’t heard that if the present rate of mobile accessibility continues, then the number of people going to access your site will be more than those who will do so from a computer. If there is anything you need to do urgently, it is to contact a mobile web developer to help you develop a mobile optimized site. `

Therefore, a mobile website will open up more traffic for your website if you embrace it. This proliferation of mobile accessibility has been made possible by the cheap internet data bundles coupled with cheap, but sophisticated mobile devices like iphones, ipad, and so on. Another thing that has contributed massively to the number of people using their mobile phones to access the internet, is the social media like Facebook. In that case, a good mobile web developer should also integrate social media on your mobile site.

If you are serious with growing your business, having a mobile site might not be a luxury, but a necessity. It is important to remember that if your site is not mobile optimized, mobile phone visitors might run away because it can discourage them from browsing your site. Finally, it is important to note that your site’s visibility in the search engine will depend on the bounce rate. In other words, if there are many customers visiting your site through their mobile devices and have to navigate away because they don’t like the intractability of the site, you stand to lose in terms of high bounce rate.

Use Email To Send A Fax

To many people a fax may seem like ancient technology. It may also seem inefficient when compared with email. Email is easy and instantaneous. Whereas a fax is more complicated and takes more time to print. Email can be done from your own computer, but a fax requires a big bulky machine. Overall when they are compared, a fax seems like a more cumbersome task than sending an email. This is especially true when you consider the fact that not everyone has access to a fax machine. So if you want to send a fax you may have to go somewhere that has a machine and even pay a fee to use it.

Wouldn’t it be simple if you could combine the ease of email with the necessity of sending faxes? Thanks to new fax sending services, you can do exactly that. With the help of a fax service you can – how to send fax from computer without fax machine. This makes the process of sending a fax a whole lot easier. It may also make faxes a more appealing means of communication to the newer generations who are so reliant on email.

The benefit of a fax is that it sends a printed document. An email attachment is very easy to do. But the person receiving it has to log into their email, find the attachment, and print it in order to have a physical copy of the document in hand. It requires action on their part. Alternatively, a fax sends something to a recipient and prints a physical copy regardless of what they do. They can leave their home or office and have a fax waiting for them when they return. This is a simple and effective way to transfer documents between people.

If you want to explore signing up for an email fax service, there are a few factors you can consider. Most email fax services charge a small monthly fee. If you find yourself sending faxes often, this investment may be worth it. The monthly fee is usually less than ten dollars for a basic package. If you are worried that the monthly fee may not be justified you can sign up for a trial period. The fax services allow you to try them for free for a month. In that time, if you do not think you are sending enough faxes to justify the monthly fee, you may cancel. It is a good idea to take advantage of the free trial period and see how many faxes you are actually sending. Once you have signed up, you may find that you enjoy having access to this convenient form of communication.

In addition, you may find that having access to a fax is an asset for your business. If someone prefers to receive documents via fax it is nice to be able to offer them this option. This may enhance your business and, if so, more than make up for the monthly fee of the fax service. Once you have installed the service you will be dually capable of sending documents through both email and fax.

Tips On HTML5 Coding

Once you learn how to code, there are still some challenges that you have to face. Adequate HTML5 information would help you provide your clients with a good design. Here are some tips on how to do that.

1. Lay-out your plan in paper –Write down your plan and make sure that you list down all the design elements you want in your design. Although it might seem useless for now, it could help save up time because it is a guide and a checklist on what you should do. After a while, you can create a flow chart out of it.

2. Use templates to make it easier and faster to create the design – Today there are lots of templates that can help you with your design. You don’t have to create everything from scratch especially when you are pressed for time.

3. Take advantage of code hinting – Use code hinting when it is available in the software you are working with. This will help you check when there are any duplicate bits of code or when there are any tags that you haven’t closed. If your software doesn’t allow this, you can always check this manually because if there is an error in this, there would be an error with your design.

4. Documentation is essential – It is important for you to document what you did and sometimes having a written documentation can be confusing to others so it would also be a good idea to have pictures in your documentation. You can add screenshots with captions so that they can really understand your work. The different software have now become more complex because it has allowed users to be able to do more with it. Sometimes, you might miss a small detail that is why you need the screenshots and highlights tool to remind you of it.

5. Specify the height and width of your images – You have to make sure that you properly label the height and width of your image and make sure that it matches the space where you want to put it into. If the image is the same size as the original then you wouldn’t have any problem with the scaling. Sometimes the image needs to be resized to increase or decrease the size. Scaling the image can lead it to pixelate if you have to increase the size too much. On the other hand shrinking the image or compressing it is better so that you don’t distort it. Just make sure that you use the same proportions as the original.

6. ALT tags help in SEO – When you use ALT tags in your work, you also help out with the SEO and thus help your site or page to be searched for.

7. Videos need playback controls – Users or viewers who see your site need to have control over the video so that they can watch it properly.

8. Think SEO when you want to use text links – Instead of just placing a link in a text such as “click here”, you may want to look for a better substitute such as the name of your website. You can also use a keyword that is related to the niche of your site.

How To Freelance If You Are An Non-Dutch National

If you want to be independent your best option is to go Freelance and start your own business. You can open your own shop and offer your services as a consultant for construction, as a website designer, as a journalist or tackle the challenges of marketing and promotions. In short, you can be a ZZP-er or freelancer in the Netherlands and share your competence with different sectors in the industry. Being a freelancer you enjoy personal independence but it also has its share of risks.

How to become a ZZP-er in Netherlands if you are an expat

Expats are encouraged to start their own business in the Netherlands in order to contribute to the growth of the economy. Those who do not have Dutch nationality have to comply with particular IND (Immigratie en Naturalisatie Dienst) requirements. The legal forms of enterprise do not vary as to the rule’s applicability to Dutch immigration authorities whether you will be starting a one-man business; a Dutch private limited (BV) or a branch-office of a foreign company. The same rules apply whether you started a business shortly after your arrival in the Netherlands or after you have been gainfully employed in the country for such time. Rules differ if you are EU-national or non-EU national.

If you are a national of one of the European Union Member states, the EEA (European Economic Area) or a citizen of Switzerland, you are free to live and work as a self employed freelancer in the Netherlands without the need for entry visa or residence permit. You are not required to register with IND though it can come handy as proof of registration and when applying for Dutch public healthcare insurance, mortgage or phone subscription. Different rules apply if you are citizen of Bulgaria or Romania and Croatia. You are required to apply for a residence permit from the IND which is important when faced with varying situations. If you are a member of a country that is subject to the Dutch visa requirements of not more 3 months stay, a special visa or provisional residence permit must be applied for. A tourist visa does not qualify as a lawful residence permit.

How to start a business if you are not a Dutch national

It is not the IND that will review your suitability to start a business but the Ministry of Economic Affairs. The ministry will evaluate your situation and determine whether the business you will start is economically feasible. You have to meet the following criteria before starting an independent business.

  • Whether you are qualified to run a business
  • Whether you have a business plan
  • Whether your business serves an essential Dutch interest

You can communicate with IND to find out about procedures involved in testing the economic interest of the business you intend to start. The traditionally open economy, attractive investment climate and international possibilities make the Netherlands a pleasant country for a one-man freelance business. Additional information is always available and there are many companies who are willing to provide assistance for an affordable fee.

The Different Features Provided By Online Fax Services

With the ever-increasing use of VoIP, the popularity of cloud phone services or third-party VoIP services—such as RingCentral, Nextiva, and many more—have likewise grown. We see the almost unabated annual profit of these third-party VoIP services because of their growing number of subscribers. Consequently, with the increase in popularity of these cloud phone services, the conventional telephone equipment seems to be feeling its impending demise. Likewise, with the seemingly inevitable demise of the conventional telephone equipment (like PBX) comes the unavoidable phasing out of the once noble fax machine which once held a lofty and respectable place in most businesses and offices. It’s sad but it’s true—we may be seeing the last days of the good old reliable fax machine.

RingCentral and Nextiva

RingCentral, for example, has registered unprecedented growth in their number of subscribers because they offer more features which can never be had in the old telephone system. Likewise, it offers more flexibility to its users. It has toll free and local number for its clients. Moreover, it provides secure fax connection for the meager sum of $7.11 per month. It also provides its clients with free fax software to allow them to receive faxes and email using their computer or handheld device. For this reason, RingCentral is indisputably the top ranking online fax service.

Nextiva, on the other hand is trailing RingCentral behind with its highly reliable cloud phone service. Likewise, it offers reliable online fax service for only $4.95 for single user, $12.95 for small business, and $29.95 for business pro per month. Additionally, most file types are accommodated by the Nextiva online fax service. These files include image (TIFF, GIF, etc), Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Microsoft office printer and Text File Formats.

Features Provided by Online Fax Services

The good thing about these online fax services is that, with their services, you can fax via email by attaching the document or file that you would like to send as if you were just sending email. They also provide fax machine support so that if you are nostalgic of your old fax machine, you can make use of it using a Fax Adapter to send paper faxes. Moreover, the online fax does not need dialing, meaning you are now free from busy signals while faxing. Likewise, you can fax using your mobile devices. You can also keep your fax number if you subscribe to one of these online fax services. Additionally, you can also receive faxes even if your PC is turned off because the faxes will go directly to your account.

Google as a Veritable Vast Machine

Google as a veritable vast machine is slowly providing an alternative option for sending fax online. Google Docs and Gmail are definitely designed for storing and sending all our files and documents. Moreover, there are some Drive Apps that can presage what Google might do in the area of online faxing in the future. HelloFax for example is a nice App which links every fax you are sending to the Drive. DocuSign, for example can help you get your signature on any document which needs your signature. We can have only glimpses of email fax details at present. But from these glimpses we can see what Google is capable of doing in the near future.

Choosing A Multi-Channel OMS

Are you looking for order management system information for multi-channel orders? Look no further. Here’s the information you need to get started.

An order management system becomes a vital tool when you’re working through multi-channel orders. Multi-channel ordering leaves you particularly vulnerable to mislaying or missing orders entirely, and to selling stock on back order under the mistaken impression you have enough stock to fill it. If not painstakingly coordinated, a multi-channel system can quite quickly lead to customer relations disasters.

Of course, it isn’t always your priority as a business owner. Generally, you’re busy fighting with growing the business, dealing with employees, managing the team and keeping customers happy. And order management system may seem like an irrelevant consideration next to something like that. However, it is instead a vital part of making it easier for you to achieve those goals.

Multi-Channel selling is a feature of the modern commerce world. There’s few retailers who work on only one platform anymore, instead generally selling through sites like e-markets as well as their own web presence, perhaps a storefront or two and via telephone or electronic communication. If you’re handling ten or more orders a day via these channels, it’s time to think about investing in order management software. No matter how big you grow, prompt shipping and speedy handling of orders must be a priority- and a good OMS will help you keep that priority. It will also assist with the processing [and minimization] of both backorders and returns. Automation can assist in better general order accuracy, a quick fulfillment and picking process, improved efficiency throughout your organization and a higher level of customer communication and satisfaction.

If you’re already wincing at the thought of the cost, don’t be too perturbed. There are great order management systems out there that won’t break the bank. Don’t opt for the cheapest option you can find, however. Do try and consider the future growth you project for your business, and rather try to get an OMS that will grow with your business and not require replacement- and all the concomitant hassles- within a short time. The future potential of the software will be a boon to you.

If you’re using multiple warehouses or multi-channel suppliers too, it becomes even more vital to get a quality OMS in place. And let’s be honest, most modern retailers don’t keep huge stock volumes on hand or run only ne warehouse facility. Again, the more components in your chain, the more chance for errors to be introduced using a manual system- errors that will not occur with anywhere near such frequency in an automated filling process. As an added extra, OMS software can help with generating and coordinating the shipping for orders too.

All in all, making a quality investment in a good order management system will assist and multi-channel retailer, no matter how big or small, to streamline and tailor their procedures and ensure happy customers and a fast, relatively error free turn around on all orders, regardless of source or complication.

10 Tips For An Effective Brand Video

With more than a billion users and over 100 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every single minute, YouTube has become a powerful platform to get exposure for your brand and voice your messages, introduce products or services, or simply reach out to your audience. How do you go about creating a special video that not only grabs the attention, but also converts viewers into traffic for your website and even into potential customers? Here are some tips from the best corporate video production specialists to get you started.

1. Set a budget

Depending on your financial ability, you can either record the video on your own or hire a professional studio or service to handle video production. In either case, plan realistically and stick to your budget. There is no need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on something that may end up not working for you.

2. Identify the audience

Be sure you know who you are addressing in a video. A video that speaks to a narrower audience has a better chance of being interesting, funny or informative, and therefore successful.

3. Define your goals

What do you want to accomplish with your brand video? Do you want to gain more exposure? Get the word out about a new product? Educate your audience? The objective should be clear before you sit down to design the content and the effects.

4. Get help

If you are not sure what you are doing, it is best to get professional help with the recording, as well as with the editing and design stages of your video production. There are inexpensive services that specialize in video content creation and will have your video ready in no time. Just make sure that you have a good idea of what the video content will look like and come prepared with a script and detailed content description.

5. Include a call to action

Include a video annotation to invite your viewers to visit your website or include a specific call to action at the end of the video. After all, you are not simply creating entertainment for your audience but are trying to generate a new source of traffic and sales leads.

6. Get attention

Make the video shareable and post it across all your social media platforms. Be aware that some platforms are better for video sharing, such as Facebook and Twitter, than others, such as Pinterest or LinkedIn.

7. Measure the outcome

How is your video performing? Assign specific key metrics to observe during the campaign, such as number of views, conversion rate, number of shares, etc. and be objective about whether your video is performing successfully.

8. Learn from your mistakes

Not all videos will work like a charm and attract hosts of eager buyers to your business. If you have adequately measured the outcome of your video marketing campaign and you are not seeing the results you have been hoping for, simply call it a day and try again. Don’t forget to identify exactly where you went wrong with any previous attempts, so you can move forward successfully.